Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY: Photo Recognition Book

Last year for Christmas, I made my niece this photo recognition book. What a fun project to make!

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from the step by step process, but I will do my best to share with you what I did. 

  1. I bought a board book. Doesn't matter what is on the book, you will cover it up!
  2. You will want to decide on what you want on pages and who you want to go where. I doubled up the aunts and uncles to make everyone fit.
  3. I took pictures of all family members to use. You want a head shot of just the people. I did both sides of the family for my niece. 
  4. Decide on front and back pictures. You can see my examples above. 
  5. I measured the pages of the book and uploaded the pictures into Word. I made the pictures the size of the page and then added a black text box with white writing. Some of you might be better at the computer aspect, but Word was what I had, and I made it work.
  6. Print pictures. I did them at home.
  7. Trace around the pages on the back of the picture. Most board books have round edges. Use an exacto knife to cut around the pictures. 
  8. Spray the back of the picture with spray adhesive and attach to the book. I would do one page at a time and let them dry.
  9. You are done! Enjoy!

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