Monday, October 14, 2013

Goals: Week of October 14th

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Another week is in the books. I am still amazed how much quicker time goes the older I get. I am looking forward to a calmer week this week that helps things slow down a little. 

I plan on spending some time with a paint brush in my hand this week. My MIL saw our paint collection today. The collection may be a little ridiculous!

Last week's goals:

Home Goals:

   1. Can applesauce
   2. Cook cube steaks
   3. Paint accent wall- I need to work on getting my goals done before the next Monday!

Personal Goals:

   1. Unsubscribe from email lists- this has made my inbox so much better 
   2. Patch my pants so that I can wear the to work- can see here
   3. Make 5 headbands- close to being done, but still need to do some work
   4. 5 days take 8 minute showers this week

Blog Goals:

   1. Put popular posts in the side bar
   2. Blog twice
   3. Work on baby scarf pattern

This week's goals:

Home Goals:

   1. Paint Garage Door
   2. Touch up paint in bathroom 
   3. Paint Bathroom and bedroom ceiling
   4. Help my husband burn off the small brush pile

Personal Goals:

   1. 6 days take 8 minute showers this week
   2. Read Goodbye is Not Forever
   3. Get our canned stuff from my parents house
   4. Make energy bites

Blog Goals:

   1. Put popular posts in the side bar
   2. Work on baby scarf pattern

Hope you have a productive and relaxing week. Balance is key right?

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