Thursday, August 8, 2013

Will All the Ladies Please Stand?

When ladies dream of the man that they want to marry one day, they dream of a man who is a gentleman. I know we have different ways that we think being a gentleman should play out, such as holding the door, walking on the road side of the sidewalk, pulling out the chair the the lady. Some of those ideas might be important to some girls, and some would just make girls laugh. I think we all agree we want a guy to be a gentleman. Are you with me on that?

Yes, this was on my dream list. I didn't want them just to be a gentleman to me, but I wanted them to be a gentleman to those around me. And yes, I married a gentleman.

I remember going over to my inlaw's house wet, because we had not used an umbrella. My FIL looked at then my boyfriend and told him that chivalry is not dead. My husband was trained to be a gentleman!

Back in the days that I traveled on Encounter, I remember being in Logansport, Indiana, (why I remember where I was I don't know) when a team guy went to open the door for me. I told him that I was fully capable of opening the door for myself. He looked at me and told me that his mom taught him to be a gentleman. I remember looking at him and saying something like, I have muscles, I can open the door.

Fast forward a few months. My parents came to visit me at camp and we made a trip to Hershey, Pensylvania. I can smell it now! Yes, they have crockpots of chocolate on their factory tour that they fan towards you. Anyways, I held the door for my mom to walk into Hersheys. My dad walked up behind me and took the door from me and I walked through.

Why did I respond differently in the two different situations. I wish I knew. One thing I know, is that I needed to learn to be a lady. I saw this the picture the other day on pinterest.

The Rules To Always Being A Lady poster print. Love!! #ladyrules

Yes, I am not naturally a lady. I think the feminist movement has encroached on those of us that are not feminists. I know I can hold a door by myself, but I also need to be willing to let a guy hold it for me.

If I want a guy to be a gentleman, I need to first be a lady.

Can you think of any areas that you fail to be a lady?

How are you training your child to be a lady or a gentleman? I would love to hear what you are intentionally doing to train them!


  1. I am all about this! We are teaching our daughter to be a lady and have found it is her motivation. When she was around 18 months, we introduced the concept of being a lady and she immediately grasped it and wanted to be one. We started by asking her, "Are you a lady?" Then we added attributes from there. Sitting like a lady, being a patient lady, being helpful (like a lady), etc. I married a true gentleman and am so thankful to be teaching our girls the to be ladies.

    1. How awesome, Leah! I love that you are actively instilling being a lady into your daughter.

      We do grill our men over this one, but forget that women need to be ladies. We want to be princesses though. Don't princesses have to be ladies?

  2. Great share! When my husband and I first started dating he would come across the car to open my door. I told him my arms aren't broke. As a parent of a little girl I want to teach her what a Godly women looks like, so I need to be an example. Thanks for linking up at the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

    Katie @ The Casual Craftlete

    1. Katie, I can so relate! I thought my husband would stop opening the door after we got married, but he didn't. I now feel weird if I get into the passenger side of the car and have to open the door. I don't have to do it very often. Not the norm, but I love being married to a gentleman!


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