Saturday, July 20, 2013

Make Your Own Fire Starters

My husband found this idea of making your own fire starters, and we love them. They create a slow, intense burn that helps light the rest of your stuff on fire. And they are super easy to make with things you can save from around your house!


Old wax
Paper egg carton
Dryer lint

  • Fill all the holes with old dryer lint.
  • Optional- my husband has put used matches down in some to use as a "wick" 
  • Melt down wax. We use old candles and put the jars on the stove in a pot of water.
  • Pour the wax over the dryer lint until the lint is pretty saturated. Not really a right or wrong amount here.
  • Tear apart the egg carton and you are done!
  • Place where you would like to start a fire and light. Use responsibly :)

I have heard that these are good for use in a charcoal grill. You don't get the taste of lighter fluid that way.

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