Monday, July 1, 2013

Goals: Week of July 1st

I made my plan for last week not thinking about the fact that I would need to make it to Joann Fabrics before I could do a lot on my list. I didn't make it till Friday and was busy the rest of the weekend, so some things are moving on because of lack of supplies! 

This week we have VBS at our church. I am teaching the 5 and just finished Kindergarten class. They are a lot of fun! I won't really have a lot of extra time on my hands this week, which could be good for me. Makes me be diligent when I do have time!

Last week's goals
  1. Run twice- I am beginning to realize how mental running is
  2. Make blog button
  3. Make sleep sack 
  4. Pull weeds- unfortunately, this probably needs done again.
  5. Visit Grandma
  6. Finish glider
  7. Make reusable snack bag pattern
This week's goals
  1. Run twice
  2. Make blog button and redo header
  3. Make sleep sack
  4. Redo budget- we just closed on our house on Friday so expenses will be changing
  5. Finish glider
  6. Edit reusable snack bag pattern
  7. Teach at VBS


  1. Running is awesome. So glad to see you made it twice last week!

    1. I am not to the point to say that it is awesome! But it does feel very good when I am done :)

  2. Hey Lydia, you're so creative! That's awesome! I saw the sweatshirt skirt you made in the post below and thought it was so cute. I am wondering what a sleep sack is though? Is it for a baby?

    1. Hey Jamie! I am actually wearing my sweatshirt skirt right now. So comfy.

      A sleep sack is for a baby. The baby wears it over the pjs to provide a blanket without having a blanket on top of them. I will be posting more about the sleep sack soon!


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