Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free Coffee at Bob Evans

What a fun time to get together with a friend or for a free date! Go to Bob Evans to be able to print your coupon! Remember, this coupon has to be used before 11 am.

Print the coupon


  1. This coupon seems to be interesting . I imagine why a coffee shop provides you coffee free of cost ?

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak

    1. Finn, Bob Evans is also a restaurant. They are trying to get us in the door so that we buy something else.

      Do you sell coffee beans at Kopi Luwak?


  2. Coupons are fun, and we use them when we can. I can see if there are two of you, the second person must purchase their coffee, so the restaurant gets a bit of cash, and advertising. Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story." We have a coupon for a meal at McDonalds, but it is only good for one person. We usually split the fries, order one water, and a separate burger. Then we have a lovely meal for not very much money!

    1. My mom and I went the other day and got them to go. This meant free coffee for both of us! We drank our coffee while we ran errands in town. Fun times!


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