Monday, June 24, 2013

Goals: Week of June 24th


Last week I was talking about how I needed to make sure that my goals were attainable. I came across this picture on pinterest and it is super helpful. Takes me back to college days where we had to write objectives for our students at the end of every lesson. 

I am feeling kinda lazy on this Monday, so I need to get myself in gear so this is not how the week turns out! 

Last week's goals
  1. Run twice- I ran once
  2. Make favicon and update header- oh how I wish that I had publisher. 
  3. Submit Usborne order- just waiting on the catalog to be available then I will submit the order
  4. Repurpose pile and redo pictures on my headband post- here is my headband tutorial
  5. Post book review- Jennifer was a great book!
  6. Get up 4 days by 8 o'clock- I get so much more done when I get up early, but I have such a hard time making myself do this.
  7. Write out steps for the sleep sack pattern- I am hoping to have this available to buy sometime in the near future!
This week's goals
  1. Run twice
  2. Make blog button
  3. Make sleep sack 
  4. Pull weeds
  5. Visit Grandma
  6. Finish glider
  7. Make reusable snack bag pattern


  1. What an awesome pinterest find. I am way too often setting unattainable goals, a graphic like this is so helpful. Thank you@!

    1. Thanks, Andrea. Sometimes we need things spelled out for us, and I think that this picture does that very well! Glad you like it.

  2. I believe it is very wise to make your goals something that is a can do. That is why I don't pledge to pray an hour anymore. I pray when I can and that is often through the day. I love it that you and your husband pray together. Thanks you for your comments on my recent post. and for sharing at "Tell Me a Story."

    1. I do agree they need to be something that can be done, but something that is stretching as well. A good balance can be hard to find!


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