Monday, June 17, 2013

Goals: Week of June 17th


I seem to have this problem a lot. I choose to big of a goal and then it sits on my goal list for several weeks just discouraging me. 

I will have to work on making my goals a little more specific. I want something that I have to challenge myself to get through, but that I know that I can get through. 

Last week's goals
  1. Run twice- I went much farther on the day that I had my husband pushing me
  2. Revamp resume
  3. Pack 3 boxes
  4. Repurpose pile and redo pictures on my headband post- my pics are taken, but they aren't on the post yet
  5. Make favicon and update header
  6. Help with a baby shower
  7. Submit an Usborne order
  8. Finish sleep sack- you will be seeing more about this project soon
This week's goals
  1. Run twice
  2. Make favicon and update header
  3. Submit Usborne order
  4. Repurpose pile and redo pictures on my headband post
  5. Post book review
  6. Get up 4 days by 8 o'clock
  7. Write out steps for the sleep sack pattern
Do you have any ways that you have to help make your goals attainable? 


  1. Way to go on the running! Running with your hubby is awesome. If my husband and I could find a babysitter we would totally run together. I miss that.

    1. Yes that would make it hard to run together. One of these days your little ones will be able to run with you!


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