Thursday, February 7, 2013

Make Money With Your Smart Phone: Swagbucks TV App

I love using swagbucks to get gift cards. Some of you are probably wondering what swagbucks is all about. You can read my previous post about how I earn swagbucks. You can also go here to sign up.

One of my friends has the goal of paying for all of her family's gas this year with swagbucks gift cards. I am pretty impressed by this goal.

I recently discovered an app that helps me quickly earn swagbucks. I have my husbands iPod touch that I use sometimes. Right now I use it a lot to play swagbucks tv.

I can watch 5 videos to earn 2 swagbucks, up to 50 swagbucks a day. I just turn the volume down and the videos continually play. In 9 days, I can earn a $5 amazon gift card without doing a whole lot. I will take it! 

If you are interested, go here and you can start earning.

How are you using swagbucks to earn you swagbucks?

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