Monday, February 4, 2013

Goals: Week of February 4th

My husband is off for three days this week. I am excited about getting to spend some time with him! My goals aren't super hard this week so that I can hang out with him more. 

Last weeks goals:
  1. Get out of bed by 8 and exercise 5 days this week
  2. Make up a blog schedule for the next month- I am excited to have a little motivation and organization behind me!
  3. Make 2 boys shirts and list on etsy- Finally got them there! The picture is on the right. I will be making a tutorial on how I made this!
  4. Repurpose a dress into a skirt- need to finish the waistband
  5. Cover one section of the glider- got started but not sure the best way to finish. On a stand still for now.
  6. Start on Valentine's Day project- you can see what I was working on here
  7. Plan tea party. You can see what we did last year for our spa day- plans are in my head. I need to meet with my friend in order to nail things down!
This weeks goals:
  1. Exercise 5 days this week
  2. Install Google Analytic on my blog
  3. Make an about me page on my blog
  4. Finish the waistband on my skirt
  5. Make a set of napkins
  6. Figure out how to sprout my seeds
  7. Look at some ideas for gardening

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