Monday, February 25, 2013

Goals: Week of February 25th

In exactly ten months from today....Christmas!! One month from birthday!

Here is what I am planning on getting done this week. My glider is getting closer to being recovered. Maybe after this week, I will feel the light at the end of the tunnel!

Last weeks goals:
  1. Push ups and crunches 5 days. Run twice.- I only ran once
  2. Paint the trim in the kitchen and bathroom
  3. Redo a frame
  4. Make wine jelly
  5. Recover the glider seat. Dreading this
  6. Crochet a dishcloth using a pattern
  7. Make bread

This weeks goals:
  1. Push ups and crunches 5 days. Run twice.
  2. Come up with a March blog schedule.
  3. Recover the chair back
  4. Finish Outrageous Courage
  5. Redo frame
  6. Find a spring for the glider
  7. Research loans


  1. 5/7 goals is awesome!!! Hope this weeks continues to be productive for you!

    1. Thanks! Checking out your goals right now! Writing them out has been so good for me!


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