Monday, January 28, 2013

Goals: Week of January 28th

What excitement! I was able to cross off everything off my list for last week. Now to try to do the same thing this next week.

Last weeks goals:
  1. Exercise 5 days this week
  2. Take all the covers off the chair I am recovering. And clean the chair.
  3. Work on making a template for pinnable pictures and do a blog with a picture
  4. Follow up with reading endorsement
  5. Try to sell some of my parent's neighbor's belongings
  6. Patch Scott's coat
  7. Organize Pinterest Board
This weeks goals:
  1. Get out of bed by 8 and exercise 5 days this week
  2. Make up a blog schedule for the next month
  3. Make 2 boys shirts and list on etsy 
  4. Repurpose a dress into a skirt
  5. Cover one section of the glider
  6. Start on Vaentine's Day project
  7. Plan tea party. You can see what we did last year for our spa day
What are you planning on getting done this week?

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