Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Finds Under Five: Christmas Decoration

A friend of mine Cindy who blogs over at So the Cook Said was telling me about one of her frustrations. People who think they get a good deal and really they have spent a lot of money on their deal.

She decided that she wanted to start a Friday finds under $5. I loved this idea. I am all about not spending a lot on things. I am going to join her in this venture. We would also love to hear what you have found under $5!

My find for this week comes from a neighbor lady. There are tags on the bottom that come from Big Lots. Each piece cost 5.99. I managed to land them for free.

I would never have bought this item, but I am picturing them at Christmas with some fresh pine and pine cones. I can almost smell it now. I am refusing to decorate for Christmas just yet. I will find somewhere to go and cut branches off of trees. My husband is probably thinking that he will get taken along on that adventure! 

You will be hearing more about this neighbor lady in upcoming weeks. She passed away a few weeks ago. My mom over the years had befriended this lady, taking her muffins and visiting with her.

When the neighbor passed, her niece offered us stuff from the house. My mom came home with a kitchen aid mixer. Not bad! I will share with you some of my other finds soon. 

Head over to Cindy's post to check out what she found this week. She added beauty to her house straight from the side of her road!

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