Monday, October 1, 2012

Goals: Week of October 1st

I talked last week about being a procrastinator. We went on vacation the end of last week so I had to get things done early. Man, was that some motivation! I got everything done before we left. Now this week, I need to get myself motivated! 

Last Weeks Goals:
  1. Clean the downstairs of our house
  2. Organize coupons
  3. Read 25 chapters of The Deposit Slip
  4. Finish knitting dishcloth
  5. Send my momma Usborne paper
  6. Freeze peppers and dry tea
  7. Enjoy some good quality family time
This Weeks Goals:
  1. Do something active for 15 minutes each day
  2. Finish reading The Deposit Slip
  3. List coupons online
  4. Upload vacation pictures
  5. Host book fair
  6. Start 2 Christmas Gifts- Any ideas what these might be?!!
  7. Take care of dried tea


  1. I'm working on Christmas gifts too!

    1. I am going to text you to see if you have any great ideas :)


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