Monday, October 15, 2012

Goals: Week of October 15th

I read somewhere today that it is only 11 weeks until Christmas. How crazy is that?!! So now I am on a mission to get things together for Christmas. I would love to hear in the comments if you are making anything fun for Christmas presents?

Last  weeks goals:
  1. Walk10 miles- I did make it running...once
  2. Schedule Coupon Class and Book Fair
  3. Read Insignificant
  4. Finish Christmas present that I started last week
  5. Clean pantry
  6. Contact 10 companies
  7. Place book fair order
This weeks goals:
  1. Finish headbands that I have cut out
  2. Reinforce Scott's scrub pockets
  3. Paint
  4. Read Insignificant
  5. Finish Christmas present that I didn't get done last week. 
  6. Make Ellie a Christmas present
  7. Get the garden ready for winter

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