Saturday, October 13, 2012

Freedom to Succeed


  1. I wish there were more reminders like this out there and more honest history. I consider myself a pro-life libertarian but vote republican because the third party doesn't get anything done.

    1. I know, I feel like all we can do during this election is bash the other party. I want to know what you will do.

      I am curious what you would say the main difference between Republicn and Libertaian are? I wish the other smaller parties would have more publicity and a chance to do something for our country.

    2. I like to think that Libertarian is what Republican would be if politics and lobbying didn't get in the way. I find that Republicans still back way too many big government programs and spending. Also, Libertarians have an isolationist view on foreign policy and don't believe in being involved in overseas conflict.

      Some libertarians are also pro-abortion, but you can be a pro-life libertarian because if you believe that an unborn baby is a human it is automatically afforded the same right to live as any other human.

      I'm definitely voting Romney this year mainly because being pro-life is the most important thing to me, and we really need to take drastic steps in that direction as a country, and that is definitely NEVER going to happen under the current administration.

      Basically, I want a government that only exists to protect life and property and does little to nothing else.

    3. Thanks for sharing this with me. I realized how difficult of a job I asked of you to give me a sterotype of a political party. I do have a better understanding of where they stand thanks to you!


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