Monday, August 27, 2012

Goals: Week of August 27th

If only this could be my goals for the week! I would already have it done. I would also feel like I had accomplished nothing...that would not be cool!

This weeks goals:
  1. Walk 10 miles
  2. Be ready to sub each day
  3. Get everything ready to teach my coupon class
  4. Have the youth group activity
  5. Figure out how to knit and finish at least half of a dishcloth
  6. Finish skirt
  7. Clean closet
Last weeks goals:
  1. Walk 10 miles- I only made it about 3...
  2. Clean porch- My husband did this for me!
  3. Back up pictures- I put this off for weeks, to find out it took me maybe a half an hour...
  4. Date day with my husband
  5. Design blog header
  6. Inventory of food
  7. Clean the "exercise" room- looking better. Still need some work though!

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