Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY: Burlap Earring Holder

I had been looking around on pinterest for different earring holders, and I found the perfect plan with supplies that I had on hand.

Good way to organize your earrings.   Personalize it by monogram - M!
  • I took the glass out of a picture frame- these were the pew decorations for our wedding. I had originally gotten them at dollar tree for $1. 
  • I cut my burlap to be slightly larger than the back of the picture frames. This can be easily picked up at a fabric store. Or if you live near a coffee shop that sells coffee bags. You can also buy burlap on amazon by the yard. 
  • I spray painted on an "m" on the burlap using a stencil I made out of paper. Read about how to make a stencil here.
  • I wrapped the burlap around the back of the picture frame and hot glued around the edges. My husband got me a hot glue gun for my birthday!
  • I reassembled the frame and it was ready to go.
Easy enough! And now my earrings are neatly displayed...and I can find a matched pair. Always a plus!

If you don't want to take the time to make your own earring holder, I have some available in my etsy shop.
Now, I want a little candelabra to spray paint and hang my necklaces on...

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  1. It looks great! It really says something that your husband got you a glue gun for your birthday.

    1. Thanks! And I did ask for the hot glue gun :) He made me an awesome wood box, too!

  2. Nice job - looks fabulous!! I need to create an earring holder for myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I'm so glad you linked up at Romance on a dime. I hope to see you next Tuesday. I'm pinning this.

    1. I hope that you are able to create one, Betsy! Thanks for pinning this!

  3. Super cute and easy! Thanks for sharing. It's always fun to find a new way to "deal with" earrings - for the longest time I had them just haphazardly thrown in my jewelry box. I have them hanging now, but not as pretty as this! Thanks for sharing at #throwbackthursdaylinkup


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