Monday, March 12, 2012

Goals for the Week of March 12th

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This Week's Goals
  1. Design and print out a youth group profile form.
  2. Run two times- had to change the wording for my brother
  3. Get together all the supplies for the youth group activity
  4. Make a camera case
  5. Blog about Already Gone
  6. Paint toe nails
  7. List printer online
Last Week's Goals
  1. Vote- yes, I am putting this on here because it involves me waking up early and I don't want to :)
  2. Organize the office
  3. Make a jar to attempt to get rid of some ladybugs
  4. Organize my clothes
  5. Make an earring holder
  6. Run twice
  7. Finish planning the youth group activity- added a few things to this week
7 is the number of perfection!

Do you have any goals for this week? How did you do on your goals for last week?

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