Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Love Your Life Not Theirs {Book Review}

I was given the chance to read Rachel's book as part of her launch team. I was challenged, convicted, and encouraged by the book. There were lots of new truths presented in the book that went along with the truths that Rachel and Dave have presented for years.

Rachel presents this truths in a very down to earth way. I told my husband that Rachel and I are going to be friends some day. I just love her and her honesty and vulnerability. 

One of the things really challenged me was to be content with my life. With all of our life events right now, I have had a hard time being content. I know this is something that I need to work on, so I was challenged to love my life where God has me right now.

The other part of the book that I really liked was how Rachel challenges us to give all along the way. She encourages implementing giving right away so that giving becomes a habit. We are looking forward to being able to give more as we go along in our jouney. 

Thanks Rachel for sharing a copy of your book with me in exchange for an honest review. 

If you wat to order a book, I would love if you would order through here so that I can try to win some prizes with Rachel. 

1 comment:

  1. Love Your Life Not Theirs sounds like a great book. I think I'd definitely enjoy it and be convicted by it. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts, Lydia. :)


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