Saturday, February 6, 2016

February Mortgage Update

We only have 4 months to go until this year is over! Not sure we are going to meet this goal for this year. 

This month has been rough for us. I ended up having surgery and being in the hospital for 6 days. Why didn't this come last year when we had already met our deductible? Super thankful for an emergency fund, not super excited about paying for all the bills. I am thankful for getting rid of the pain that I had before surgery. Also, super thankful that all this happened to me and not to one of the girls.

Breakdown of Extra Money 
  • $28 selling on facebook
  • $43.32 selling on eBay
  • $4.35 selling on etsy

Since our update in January, we have been able to pay $485 from our principle. Giving us a total of $2678 for our year. Leaving us with $3322 in order to reach our 6k for the year. 


  1. You guys are doing great and continuing to move forward, which is what counts. :) I hope you continue to recover well, Lydia. I'll be sending you an email soon!

  2. So sorry that you had to have health issues and the bills that come with them. I am glad you are feeling better now! Great job and still working on your financial goals despite the set backs.

    1. Yes the bills that come with health issues aren't fun. I think more so because I seem to have to fight half of them. God will provide though and we will get them paid and work on the house.


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