Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rewarding Ourselves with Goals Met: Mini Vacation

What is a goal without a reward? I love shooting for goals, and some of my motivation is the reward at the end!

We have been working on paying off our mortgage. I feel like we have so far yet to go, but every little bit helps us get closer! We have decided that every 10k that we pay off our mortgage, we will reward ourselves with a night away somewhere.

At the beginning of August, we hit that goal! We we away the other Friday night for a little time of celebration and a much needed getaway.

Our first stop was the African Wildlife Safari. Prices were kinda steep and we debated on going. I googled in the parking lot "African Wildlife Safari Coupon" which came up with a groupon. I bought a groupon in the parking lot and we got in for about half price. One benefit of smart phones!

Don't know if she is trying to be an animal?

She liked it better with her window rolled up. 

Picnic of peas, grapes, and apples. Yes, please!

Found a few sea shells

Not the best selfie!

A plane from the 1920's that we got to see fly. 

While at our hotel, we had to get a new key about 5 times because ours quit working. Also, Esther woke up smelling like vomit from the pack-n-play. Scott contacted the company just to let them know to look into those issues. They said that they would be sending us a coupon to use for a free nights stay in the next 2 years. Think we can pay off another 10k in the next 2 years and use it for that trip?


  1. It looks like you guys had a great little getaway! An african wildlife safari sounds like an interesting and exciting adventure. :)

    1. We did have a great getaway! Esther's first time sleeping away from home and she did great.


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