Wednesday, September 2, 2015

25 Weeks and Heartbeat

I went to my OB this week. A lot of times, I complain because these appointments are so boring. Yes, everything is going ok, right I will come back in 4 weeks. I have to try to remember that boring appointment means healthy little one.

Up until this point. Heartbeat had been ranging from 150 to 160. This time, the heartbeat was down at 145. I was almost in shock when she said that low. What were the heat rates of your little ones and what did you end up having?

We went out back to get pictures, and we have moles which leave little piles of dirt. Yes, my daughter likes to play in them, and eat them. Good thing it was a night for a bath, because that is what she got right after this picture was taken!


  1. Esther looks so much older now. :) I'm glad you're doing well and thankful that your appointments continue to be boring. Those are the best kind!

    1. She is getting big! When I get her up from a nap, I can't help but think about how tall she is getting.

      You know about not so boring appointments don't you? Gotta remember to be thankful!


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