Thursday, August 27, 2015

24 weeks

Man, I just looked back at 23 weeks and my clothes drastically changed. Does that make you curious at all? I am amazed when you live in Ohio how much different the weather can be in a week or a days time. God keeps us guessing and our wardrobe changing!

I have honestly been feeling great. I think that I could go for a nap every day, though. 

Recently, I have been thinking about how I feel like I was just finding out that I was pregnant. Now, I am past way there. A little one will be here before we know it. I have a lot I would like to do before then! God will give grace, and I can't take a nap every stinkin' day!


  1. The weather has changed here in Illinois, too. It's already cooler, and it's a reminder that fall is right around the corner.

    I'm glad to hear that you're feeling great! Naps are so much easier to get in with baby #1, but when baby #2 comes along and life is busier, it's not quite as easy. I hope you get the rest you need and continue to feel good. :)

    1. I am amazed how much the weather has changed! Life will be just continually getting busier for a long time. And I am looking forward to the activity.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sandra!


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