Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The First Easter Ever {Book Review}


I was excited to get The First Easter Ever in the mail yesterday. I told my husband that I am loving getting to build up a library and not pay for the books.

Esther and I read this book last night and enjoyed getting to read about the first Easter. The story was Biblical until I got to one point. I was reading and said that is not right. My husband wasn't paying attention, but that made him listen! Instead of an earthquake happening and the soldiers falling down when Jesus was in the tomb, an angel came from heaven and the soldiers ran. Guess this will be a good teachable moment to let little ones know that the Bible is the ultimate authority and that what books say is not always 100% accurate.

I did really like the pictures in this book and the story line. Just wish that one little aspect was changed.

Thanks to BookLook Bloggers for a copy of The First Easter Ever.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this book, Lydia. :) I've found that children's books about the Bible often feel have small (or even large) changes in the details. They do make for good teachable moments, though.

    1. Why do authors do that?! I understand not including every detail for the sake of length, but why change something. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sandra!


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