Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bath Time Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Idea

Since we have not found out what we are having, I know people have had a harder time buying baby shower gifts.

One of my friends was disappointed that we weren't finding out what we were having because she didn't know whether to shop for camo or for hello kitty.

The gift that she ended up giving us was super cute and creative. And way practical, which is also a plus!

Inside the basket were all these things. All things to be used in and around bath time. She also gave us a bath time book.

Here is the side of the basket to see a little more how the basket was assembled. She put the towel down first, rolled the washcloths, and stuck the rest of the goodies inside. 

Make sure you pin this for later for when you have stubborn friends like me that don't tell you what you are having. Even if you do know, I still think this is a super cute idea!

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