Sunday, June 1, 2014

And the Winner is...

The winner of the giveaway for the book Wonder Woman Wannabe is Sandra C!! The winner was chosen by Rafflecopter, but I have to admit I am super glad that Sandra is the winner.

Why is that? Sandra blogs over at The Sensible Mom. A few month ago, for some reason, I sent her an email about blogs and web hosting. She had posted something on her blog that made me interested. She graciously endured several emails from me drilling her about different information. She always responded in a timely fashion even though she has a lot on her plate. Her son has had some major health issues which you can read about on her blog. 

I am thankful for her, and I feel like this is a little way that she is able to be repaid for her generosity to me.  

Stop over and check out her blog, and Sandra I have sent you an email!

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