Monday, June 2, 2014

3 Goals: Week of June 2nd

My week has started out productive. Went to the dentist; went on a great walk with my husband, my mom, and my dog; and helped my husband load up a trailer of wood. Guess who is sitting on the couch thinking that it is time for bed?! Me!!

I wish exercise could always be beneficial in more ways than just exercising. Makes me more motivated!

Hopefully, the rest of my week can be as profitable as the beginning of this week has been. 

Last weeks goals

1. Make pattern pieces for my twirl skirt pattern.

2. Adjust a skirt so that I can wear the skirt

3. Post a giveaway on my blog. This giveaway is now up, so make sure you come and enter!!

This weeks goals

1. Finish up pattern for the twirl skirt. My mom edited the instructions for me, so now I have some work to do.

2. Read pages 30-120 of Nursing Your Baby.

3. Write thank yous from my shower.

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  1. Great job on your goals for the week! Do you feel like you're nesting? :). Here are my goals this week:

    1. Thanks, Jenny! Not sure that I am nesting as it comes to cleaning. Nesting maybe in trying to get stuff that we don't need out of the house. Wish it would hit me to want to clean!

      Coming over to check out your goals right now.


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