Saturday, January 11, 2014

Organize Files in My Filing Cabinet

When we got married, my husband had this nicely organized filing cabinet. I looked at him a few weeks ago and said, you know this filing cabinet looks a whole lot worse since I came into the picture. He just smiled.

I knew I needed to do something about the organization, but I kept putting it off. I do that a lot!

We were at home together the other night, and I decided to pull everything out and organize what was there. It was good for both of us to be involved since part of the stuff was his from before we got married.

We ended up getting rid of about a 4 inch pile of paper from the filing cabinet. Oh, did that feel so good! And now, I think we can both find what we need.

Here is a picture of what everything looked like before. Yep, didn't want to go look for anything in there!

As taxes are coming up, now would be a great time to take some time to organize all those files!

How I Organized 
I just used the tabs that came with the hanging files.

For each of the sections under our file labels, I put the tabs on a different side to help differentiate the sections.

I simply cut up copy paper for the labels and wrote on them with a thin sharpie. Yes, not elegant. but super easy.

Our Files Labels
Car Insurance
Health Insurance
Home Insurance
Liability Insurance
Life Insurance

Car- separate file for each car

Work- one file for each of us

Health- one file for each of us

School- I put in here transcripts, certificates

Home Buying

Current Taxes- in this file, I will put everything that I need for the year in order to complete taxes. Once they are filed, I will move the return to the past taxes folder.

Past Taxes

Will Your Files Look Like Mine?
I am sure that these files will vary some for you, but they are what worked for us. Life brings different along for all of us and unfortunately brings different papers that we need to keep.

I would love to hear what else you might keep in your filing cabinet.

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