Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dressin' Like a Cow

When my husband was planning out his schedule for July, he asked me if there were any days that I wanted him to take off. I told him the 12th. He asked what was going on. I said it was dress like a cow day at Chick-fil-A! 

We started off the day with free coffee from Bob Evans. Then headed on in search of some yummy free food!

I took white shirts from Scott and taped on some construction paper spots. I used cheap take, so we were loosing spots different times. Our outfits weren't very intense, but they worked to get us the whole entree. 

There are two Chick-fil-A's in our area so we decided to hit up both. The first one we went to was in the mall. We got to the food court and put on our shirts. Man, were the people looking at us. All for free food :) 

Chick-fil-A had games set up for the kids and balloon cows that they could get. I wanted to be a kid!

We then headed to a Restore and then to the other Chick-fil-A for round 2. My husband was a great sport on my crazy little adventure! 

I love being able to spend time with my husband, and I love being able to get free things!

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