Monday, June 3, 2013

Goals: Week of June 3rd

This last week was spent doing a lot of random house stuff. Most things weren't things that could be planned ahead, we just had to go with the flow. Made for a week that I had to chose to be flexible! This week should be a little more low key. Should is an important word there :)

Last week's goals
  1. Exercise- 3 days of crunches, push ups, and squats- I did 2 days
  2. Finish pile of clothes to repurpose- I know what I am doing with the whole pile and it is closer to being done...
  3. Finish renewal of teaching license
  4. Put pictures on balloon post. This post is viewed a lot, and I managed to delete the pics. So I need to go put them back on there!
  5. Put pin it button on blog
  6. Visit our local honey man- the jars on sitting on the counter as my reminder that we need to take a walk to the honey man!
  7. List a pile of stuff on ebay
This week's goals
  1. Run once
  2. Get stuff ready for the Mixing Bowl- a local shop in town has offered to sell some of my stuff, so now I need to get some things ready to take there!
  3. Check on subbing for next year- I have to update paperwork. Fun!
  4. Put follow me buttons back on my blog
  5. Finish repurpose pile
  6. Pull weeds and transplant plants- I had several tomatoes come up from last year, but they aren't where I want them. But I am still very thankful for them!
  7. Make sleep sack
I hope that your week was profitable! Try to find a way this next week to be an encouragement to someone. 

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