Saturday, May 25, 2013

The $1.07 friend date {Taco Bell Happy Hour}

You know how this situation goes. You mean to got together with friends, and you put it off for way too long.

Well, a good friend of mine and I decided it was time for us to get together. We were thinking coffee or ice cream. We picked a time and waited to decide which to get based on the weather.

We texted each other the day of our meeting and my friend suggested happy hour at taco bell. I was all on board with getting a drink for $1! These are the drinks that you can get. Have a friend you need to get together with?

I greatly enjoyed the time that I had to spend with her drinking our cheap drinks in the nice air conditioning! I am glad for a friend who likes a good deal. Thanks for enjoying a cheap drink with me :)


  1. My hubby and I love cheap lunch and I am happy to know about this "happy hour" Thanks for sharing at "Tell me a Story."


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