Thursday, May 30, 2013

Searching for the Perfect House


Our house hunt started back in January. We started with a search for some houses in the country. The country was the ideal location that we wanted and so we wanted to explore our options. We were being pretty picky about the area that we wanted live in because we didn't want to have to drive super far and the two destinations we were concerned about were in opposite directions.

We looked at houses and were disappointed about the amount of house that we would get for the amount of money that we have. After exploring all of our options in the city, we decided to take our search of houses into the city. We thought that we could get more house for our money and build up some equity to eventually move into the country.

We went to seven houses one Saturday and found a house was available in the city that looked very nice. The price was higher than we were hoping for in the city, but it was in a nice neighborhood and was in great condition. We contacted our realtor about putting in an offer on this house. My husband also asked the realtor about seeing a house that we had seen back in January again.

Wisely, our realtor suggested we look at the house before we put down an offer on the city house. We went to check out the house that next Monday. Our parents so nicely put aside their plans at last minute and went along with us. They basically said why didn’t you consider this in the first place?

I do believe this might have been the first house that we walked through on our house search. At least it was the first night. We didn’t know what we were looking for. And the price was higher when we looked through the house in January. The house has currently been on the market for thirteen months and we were able to get it for thirty three thousand less than they were originally asking. God had them lower that price just for us!

We have struggled with the decision of is this the right house. Is this the commitment that we want to make. A lot of money is coming out of our pockets that we don’t even have. We hate debt!

Home is where my Husband is
A comfort for us is that we are able to put down the twenty percent in order to do away with mortgage insurance. The payments on the house will be about what we are paying for rent. And we will be able to walk away with something in the end.

We just get scared about the unknowns. I have commitment issues. Sound like a lack of trust on my part?

I prayed and asked God to slam the door shut if this isn’t the right house for us. He had a few opportunities to do that and He hasn’t. The house is still not ours officially, but we are excited about the possibilities of what God is going to provide and when.

Hopefully, you will be hearing from me soon about a new house!


  1. I am excited to see what God has in store!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures! Happy for you!

    1. I don't want to get myself too in love until it is truly mine. Pictures will come at some point!

  3. Thank you for sharing your exciting story about house hunting. You have been wise to search and wait. WOW, what a nice price drop, and the green light looks green to me. Your parents seemed to agree also. Our Bible teacher suggested that in purchasing a home, you are not in debt as long as you make the monthly payments. After all rent is also debt for it is a committment of a different kind, and your rent goes into the landlords pocket not your equity. Allow God to bless you.


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