Monday, March 11, 2013

Goals: Week of March 11th

I have been subbing for a teacher who is on vacation. You would think that with my procrastination that this would help with my getting things done. Unfortunately, this hasn't been true. 

House hunting and seeing has been a time consumer as well. One of these days, we will find the perfect house for us! 

Last weeks goals:
  1. Push ups and crunches 5 days. Run twice- I only ran once
  2. Research loans
  3. Recover the chair back- got it cut out. Just need to get sewing
  4. Find a spring for the glider- I know where to get it, but don't want to make a special trip to get it. 
  5. Fix pants- one pair fixed. Second pair just needs sewed. 
  6. List ebay- I have some stuff listed for a friend, you will have to check out what I have for sale
  7. Have the family over to eat
This weeks goals:
  1. Push ups and crunches 5 days. Run 2 days
  2. Hem pants
  3. Sew chair back
  4. Taxes
  5. Visit Grandma- she had surgery today
  6. Clean up branches- I want to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire!
  7. Sell vanilla on my facebook page- you will have to come check it out on Friday night. 

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