Monday, January 21, 2013

Goals: Week of January 21st

Last weeks goals: 
  1. Do crunches and push ups 6 days this week- I did 5 days this week
  2. Finish cardigan and blog about it- I did this and didn't really like how it turned out :(
  3. Clean out oven and clean under our bed- both of them are kinda gross!
  4. List items on etsy
  5. Update etsy shop to make it more customer welcoming
  6. Check into reading endorsement- sent an email and am waiting to hear back about it
  7. Contact 10 companies about receiving coupons
This weeks goals:
  1. Exercise 5 days this week
  2. Take all the covers off the chair I am recovering. And clean the chair.
  3. Work on making a template for pinnable pictures and do a blog with a picture
  4. Follow up with reading endorsement
  5. Try to sell some of my parent's neighbor's belongings
  6. Patch Scott's coat
  7. Organize Pinterest Boards

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