Monday, December 3, 2012

Goals: Week of December 3rd

Can it be December? And it is 9:00 at night and the temperature is 55 degrees. This is not helping put me in the Christmas spirit very fast!

I am planning on getting the rest of my Christmas decorating done this week. Anyone else still working on this? Seems like people just keep getting it up earlier and earlier.

Last weeks goals:
  1. Figure out book fair documents- have them ready to hand out on Thursday
  2. Finish 3 Christmas presents
  3. Finish reading Taming the Wind
  4. Ship off eBay items
  5. Post a giveaway
  6. Order pics- I worked on this, but I did it wrong. Back to square one!
  7. Clean up my computer- my husband and I are getting each other new ones for Christmas!
This weeks goals:
  1. Finish 3 Christmas presents
  2. Post a giveaway
  3. Order pics
  4. Clean up my computer- the new is ready to get picked up, so I better get this one ready to go.
  5. Research and sign up for STRS
  6. Organize owner's manuals
  7. Walk 5 miles- I went out to coffee with a friend tonight and she asked if I had been running recently. I had to admit that I hadn't even been walking. Better get on that one...before it gets freezing and I have NO motivation
What projects do you need to get done before Christmas?


  1. Your list reminded me that I need to get started on a few of my handmade gifts! Hope you get lots done this week!!!

    1. I would love to hear what you are making for handmade gifts this year. Good luck getting started on yours!


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