Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Review: Taming the Wind by Peterson

Tracie Peterson has pulled it off again with writing a great book #3 in the Land of the Lone Star Series. 

Carissa Lowe is the main character in this book. In the last book, she becomes a widow whose husband was killed. She was pregnant with their daughter at the time he was killed. Her husband was abusive and she now has to learn to trust other men. 

Carissa goes to live with her sister on a ranch. Quite a change from the pampered lifestyle that she was use to. 

Tyler finds himself interested in Carissa, and Carissa in Tyler. There is a lot of challenges that stand in their way. One of the challenges is that all the men leave on a cattle drive that will take months. All the women have to live together to protect themselves from Indian attacks.

Laura, Carissa's sister, delivers a baby prematurely while the men are gone and they almost lose baby and child. Carissa is reminded that she has to make a choice of who she will love and that she can do nothing to hold on to those people.

My attention was held until I finished the whole book. Thank you to Bethany House for allowing me to review this book. 

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