Monday, November 26, 2012

Goals: Week of November 26th

I just looked at the calendar and realized we don't even have a month until Christmas. Yikes!! I have three gifts that I want to get done this week. Then I want to get Christmas decorations up and presents under the tree. And then we will just need some snow on the ground! 

Last weeks goals:

  1. List things on etsy- you can see what I have added to my shop
  2. Get ready for a book fair- part of this got moved to next week
  3. Post book review
  4. Get room ready for a bed- bed is in! now I need to get 2 rooms in order
  5. Make 2 Christmas presents- started and moved on to next week
This weeks goals:
  1. Figure out book fair documents- have them ready to hand out on Thursday
  2. Finish 3 Christmas presents
  3. Finish reading Taming the Wind
  4. Ship off eBay items
  5. Post a giveaway
  6. Order pics
  7. Clean up my computer- my husband and I are getting each other new ones for Christmas!

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