Thursday, October 25, 2012

Insignificant {Book Review}

Chris Taylor, the author of this book, moved to NYC to start a church. He felt like he needed to get himself settled into the area before he stated the church. He taught at a middle school for two years. The only thing about this school is that he was in the most dangerous public school in NYC.

During his first few weeks of teaching, he hit rock bottom. There was no support from the school system and the students had no respect for authority. Some of the stories that he tells leave me in complete shock. 

He kept on though for two years. He realized that nothing that he could do would be significant. He was completely and totally insignificant. He started completely and totally relying on God in situations. I think it is interesting that he said that he thought he had been relying on God before, but he really hadn't been.

Once he started to let God work, He was able to be used to make a difference in these student's lives. 

This book was a great reminder that God is the only one who can do things through me.

Thanks to Bethany House for letting me read and review this book. 


  1. Wow, sounds like an interesting book! Most of my friends are teachers so I can identify with the "no support" comment, but to keep on going through that - he really had some tough faith!

    1. I think his no support goes beyond what the average teacher faces. He tells about how there is no phone in the room and one time he used his cell phone to call for help. He got in trouble for using his cell phone, but they would not put a phone in his room because the students kept ripping it off. Not a super long read, you should check it out!

  2. What an interesting book - I could see how only relying on God would show results... interested to say the least.

    Thanks for linking up again with Cozy book hop!



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