Monday, October 29, 2012

Goals: Week of October 29th


I have several things that are being passed on to my next week's list. I have needed to collect some supplies to get my projects done. I will keep chugging along! 

Last weeks goals:
  1. Finish headbands that I have cut out- I kept adding to the ones that I had started, but needed to finish them. They are done now! A tutorial was requested, so I will work on getting that up soon.
  2. Make a calendar- pictures were collected and now I need to assemble it
  3. Take a picture for some Christmas cards- My MIL was willing to take these! Thanks!! Our favorite is on the right. Gotta be ready for any free deals that are out there.
  4. Finish Christmas present that I didn't get done last week- closer, but not done
  5. Make Ellie a Christmas present- got some pictures for this. Still need some.
  6. Get the garden ready for winter- my husband helped me accomplish this task. Thanks Scott!
  7. Make more coupon class flyers and update power point- flyer made. need to work on power point
This weeks goals:
  1. Make a calendar
  2. Finish Christmas present I have been working on the last few weeks.
  3. Assemble pictures for Ellie's Christmas present
  4. Update Coupon Class Power Point
  5. Make yogurt and zucchini bread
  6. Make 10 yo-yo balls
  7. List eBay items


  1. I like your lists. I've started doing a list a week on my blog to try to get me to focus and I[m getting about half of the 7 items done each week so far.

    1. Thanks! Some weeks are better than others about getting things done.


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