Monday, September 3, 2012

Goals: Week of September 3

I can hardly believe that it is September already. I also can't believe that one year ago last Saturday Scott asked me to be his wife. Life is fleeting right before my eyes. Even more reason to make sure that I am making good use of my time!

Last Weeks Goals

  1. Walk 10 miles- only made it 4
  2. Be ready to sub
  3. Get everything ready to teach my coupon class
  4. Have youth group activity
  5. Finish half of a dishcloth-  I actually did about 3/4!
  6. Finish skirt- My mom put the last buttonhole in for me. Thanks mom!
  7. Clean closet
This Weeks Goals
  1. Walk 10 miles
  2. Finish reading Unstuck
  3. Create an email for those who took the coupon class
  4. Sub on Thursday
  5. Get SS Lesson ready
  6. Pull weeds/ burn paper
  7. Do 2 posts about contacting companies

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