Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goals: Week of September 10th


This week has been a little more busy for me. Good, just busy. I am trying to make good use of my time. At the same time, I am trying to enjoy the time that I have with my husband!

Last weeks goals:
  1. Walk 10 miles- I made it 4.5 miles
  2. Finish reading Unstuck
  3. Create an email for those who took the coupon class
  4. Sub on Thursday
  5. Get SS Lesson ready
  6. Pull weeds/ burn paper
  7. Do 2 posts about contacting companies
This weeks goals:
  1. Walk 10 miles
  2. Finish reading Unstuck
  3. Make 10 headbands
  4. Pick apples
  5. Find out what all is in the area of Florida that we will be going
  6. Try to sell books online
  7. Go through fabric

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