Monday, August 6, 2012

Goals: Week of August 6th

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Well, I didn't do as well this last week with my goals as I was hoping. So several of them are carrying over to this week :(

This Weeks Goals-
  1. Finish 2 growth charts
  2. Run or walk 10 miles
  3. Plan the rest of the youth group activity
  4. Back up pictures
  5. Finish curtains
  6. Have both families over for a meal
  7. Finish filling out a North Central application
Last Weeks Goals-
  1. Figure out next your group activity
  2. Run or walk 10 miles- I did 3...
  3. Finish wedding picture book
  4. Back up my pictures on my computer
  5. List items on eBay
  6. Clean out freezer
  7. Make curtains for the kitchen- good start, but had to wait on thread. Now to finish!

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