Monday, August 20, 2012

Goals: Week of 8/20

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Not my best week of getting things done. My husband had some time off, and I greatly enjoyed getting to spend that time with him!

This Weeks Goals
  1. Walk 10 miles
  2. Clean porch
  3. Back up pictures
  4. Date day with my husband
  5. Design blog header
  6. Inventory of food
  7. Clean the "exercise" room
Last Weeks Goals
  1. Walk 10 miles- I made it about 7
  2. Schedule coupons class and make flyer
  3. Get things ready and go to farmer's market
  4. Finish snapfish albums
  5. Clean porch
  6. Back up pictures
  7. Get together address of schools I will sub at- might be good if I know where I am going!


  1. Yeah for blog headers! And I'm so glad I did a freezer inventory last week. We had stuff I'd totally forgotten about!

    1. Any advice for blog headers? You were my inspiration for freezer inventory. Know meals that I can make ahead of time!


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