Monday, July 30, 2012

Goals: Week of 7/30

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My goal for the week is to actually accomplish everything on this list. Pretty big goal, huh?!! I can do it, just need to get myself motivated!

This Weeks Goals-
  1. Figure out next your group activity
  2. Run or walk 10 miles
  3. Finish wedding picture book
  4. Back up my pictures on my computer
  5. List items on eBay
  6. Clean out freezer
  7. Make curtains for the kitchen

Last Weeks Goals-
  1. Finish tie skirt
  2. Figure out next youth group activity
  3. Pull weeds in garden and around the house
  4. Make a wedding picture book- started. Need to get some input and finish this week.
  5. Call about subbing and make a sub bag
  6. Finish coupon class
  7. Complete week 4 of the couch to 5k. We did go running once.
  8. Make a trip to deliver Medical Missions stuff We had a great trip! 

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