Monday, May 7, 2012

Goals: Week of May 7th

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This Weeks Goals
  1. Get permission slips ready for ice skating
  2. Fill out 5 school apps and mail
  3. Deal with the chicken that I cooked
  4. Plant the rest of the garden
  5. Clean pantry
  6. Read 12 chapters of Chasing the Sun
  7. Run twice
Last Weeks Goals
  1. Iron all my work pants since I am never motivated to in the mornings :)
  2. Vacuum upstairs
  3. Finish reading Under the Overpass
  4. Run two times- I did once
  5. Chop up the awesome onions that my dad got for free and freeze them
  6. List ebay
  7. Apply to 2 schools- one done- other one just needs filled out.

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