Monday, May 28, 2012

Goals: Week of May 28th

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I did a little better this week than last. Laura, if you are reading this, you will be dissapointed in one of the things that I did not accomplish!

This Weeks Goals- I am branching out with 8...might not be good!
  1. Coupon class notes
  2. Run twice- once will be a 5k, not quite ready for that one!
  3. Finish banners and list on etsy
  4. Make and list 2 earring holders on etsy
  5. Call 6 schools I have put my app in at
  6. Pick and dry mint
  7. Get things ready to take to Practically Perfect
  8. Facebook page for blog

Last Weeks Goals
  1. Coupon class notes
  2. Patch my husband's jeans
  3. Run twice
  4. Plant the rest of the garden
  5. Get graduation gift ready
  6. Grocery shop
  7. Pass out VBS flyers at the bus stop- I went but there were no kids :( They must have gotten out of school earlier than we thought. Oh well it got me out of bed!
What is one thing that you are hoping to get done this week?

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