Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Move in Grace

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Back in my college days, I did a Bible study with a few girls. We went through the book Lord, Give Me a Heart for You by Kay Arthur. There was a paragraph in that book that was a strong conviction to me. It is amazing to me how things resurface themselves, as I have found myself thinking about this paragraph a lot recently.

Kay wrote, "A heart that belongs to God always moves in grace, in graciousness, and in favor toward others....Keep your conscience clear and move in grace. You are God's representative, and He is the God of all grace."

I am always thankful for the grace that God has showed to me. I do not deserve heaven, but that is what He has given to me.
I am suppose to be an imitator of Christ.
God shows me grace. I am to imitate Him. I need to show others grace.
I should not just be doing for others what they deserve. What makes me better than them? If Jesus had thought that He was better than me and did not show me grace, where would I be?

What is a practical way that you can move in grace to those that are around you?

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  1. I find different things throughout each day whereas when I look back I know I could have said or done it another way. I am a sinner who needs to imitate Christ. I fail dreadfully, but the glory goes to Him that I am a sinner saved by His grace.


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