Monday, April 30, 2012

Goals: Week of April 30th

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This Weeks Goals
  1. Iron all my work pants since I am never motivated to in the mornings :)
  2. Vacuum upstairs
  3. Finish reading Under the Overpass
  4. Run two times
  5. Chop up the awesome onions that my dad got for free and freeze them
  6. List ebay
  7. Apply to 2 schools

Last Weeks Goals
  1. Take the second part of my class
  2. Vacuum the house (The downstairs got done twice this week. Thanks, Scott!)
  3. Update Coupon Class
  4. Run two times (I did once)
  5. Finish growth chart
  6. Make yogurt
  7. Make a medical missions flyer
 What would you like to get done this week?

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  1. Great goals! I am trying to get into running more as well. I am over from Money Saving Mom. I wrote about my goals at:


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