Monday, April 2, 2012

Goals: Week of April 2

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This Weeks Goals
  1.  Print cover letters
  2. Mop floor
  3. Organize the rest of our wedding presents
  4. Run two times
  5. Make nike plus holder
  6. Get together a shower gift
  7. Make napkins
Last Weeks Goals
  1. Get around 2 shower gifts- I need to buy more stuff. One done and given!
  2. Make our mom's birthday gift...wonder what this is our mommas? My husband did most of this
  3. Run twice- I ran once
  4. Print resumes
  5. Clean up ladybugs in our house
  6. Get some plans together for a Dave Ramsey class
  7. Make a bracelet

Do you have any goals that you are putting off?

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